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RIO boats


Over 40 years of history and over 35,000 boats produced; these are the numbers behind the history of RIO. Since the early 1960s, RIO boats made from mahogany have been sailing the Mediterranean to reach every market throughout Europe. These motorboats were built with great skill and wisdom during a period that culminated in an agreement with Rolls Royce to build a model carrying a V8 engine; the ultimate expression of two prestigious brands. In the 1970s, technological innovation led the RIO shipyard to become the first to produce boats using thermoformed ravikral, producing over 2,000 units per year. With the emergence of fibreglass, RIO began to produce virtually unsinkable double-hull and mould-injected rigid polyurethane boats up to eight metres in length. In the 1990s, the RIO range started to meet the needs of the most demanding anglers and fishermen with over 20 models of varying size up to 17 metres.

A European outlook has always been part of the RIO principles. Since 2000, RIO has been expanding its range with the SCARANI brand and supporting itself on a sales network in 15 countries. The quality of RIO and SCARANI boats stems from projects developed exclusively in-house by Scarani engineers and technical staff. Innovative content and reliability are the criteria that steer the technical office when designing the shapes and solutions for new models. Structural design and production is based on the use of composite solutions and materials that optimise boat weight while achieving maximum strength. Construction strength and quality, the care taken over every little detail and the high-performance engines adapted to suit each model define the characteristics of all the boats produced by the two shipyards. Italian design, smooth lines and the best use of space: this is what makes a unique product. A boat that is much more than just a boat.


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